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It’s a promising year for you as Bitcoin’s Halving is a pretty interesting topic. As you already know, the Reduction has to do with the Bitcoin miner, and of course, it distributes it with certain rules. Here are the two main rules so that you can get a better understanding of Bitcoin halving.
 Rule 1: Bitcoin must be limited to 21 million BTC.
 Rule 2: Every 210,000 blocks are added to the blockchain, thus obtaining an incredible 50% reward.
This alternative was established, for questions of Law and demand, since if the BTC create it very quickly or the Bitcoin has no purpose, it could lose its value. The experts were able to verify that the Bitcoin halving occurs every four years. For November 2012, there were two reductions, as well as in July 2016, and for this year, it will be in May.
A very good story is coming with bitcoin halving 2020, take advantage that it will be a trend in the world. You should take into account that the Reduction has different variables, such as when they made the first Reduction in half of BTC. Experts did not know what to expect from that Reduction, but the second time was a success in 2012.
Also, find out that Bitcoin halving has a very important role in the Reduction since it will be more scarce and is a positive point in prices. But what are you waiting for? It is time to take a look at the Change NOW page to predict prices. You will see that it will be super incredible and interesting for you, to learn more about Bitcoin’s Half Reduction.