Getting loan for the Dubai property purchase

The rates of property in Dubai have increased tremendously since foreigners were allowed to make investments and due to this lift up in prices, it has become a really difficult task for the ordinary investor to make purchase from personal funding. However, there are few legitimate options through which they can raise funds and can make investment in the best Properties for Sale (عقارات للبيع). There are different options available for different persons, i.e. nationals of UAE, residents and non-residents and depending on your residential status you would be awarded with certain privileges which will not only make to obtain loan an easy process but it will be available to you with lower down payments.

Loan options for different residential statuses:
In order to avail the loan option to invest in ديار العقارية, there are different down payment and loan process options which are explained in coming paragraphs:

For nationals, the down payment is as low as fifteen percent which makes it quite easier for the people to avail this option and finance their property investment decision. For residents, this is 25 percent and for non-residents this is 50%. As Dubai is emerging in real estate, so are the bank facilities and in future it is expected that the loan options for foreigners would be better too. If a foreigner already owns a property in Dubai and is earning rental income, the process of obtaining loan becomes easier.

It is important to discuss the finance issues with your bank beforehand to know the limits under which you would have to finance your project. With this approach, you would come in a better position to shortlist the properties in which you can make your investment. With a refined property investment option, your decision would be more logical and you would be in a better position to negotiate the deals with your real estate agent.